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Reina Sofia Cultural Center The Garigolo Reina Sofia Cultural Center. Former Military Government. It houses the Vasallo Museum, the Hispano-American Royal Academy, the Gaditano Athenaeum, the Military Library, the Federico Joly Foundation, the Galván Stamping Workshop, the Municipal Culture Foundation and the exhibition-legacy of the Aramburu family.

It is located in front of the Baluarte de la Candelaria. It was built between 1758 and 1759, the work was directed by Silvestre Abarca.

The building, which is a true jewel of its time, stands out in its facades for its classic, balanced and monumental appearance. At the time seven residences of military engineers were housed. This was one of the first facades of Cádiz that began to expose the oyster stone.

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The Reina Sofia Cultural Center was opened in October 2006 by Su Majestad la Reina Sofia and whose main claim the works of Juan Luis Vasallo, one of the best Spanish sculptors of the twentieth century. Author of the Minerva of the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid, Juan Luis who always wanted his work to be exhibited in his hometown. For this reason and thanks to the gratitude of the family, his sculptures are in the patio, on the stairs and on the second floor of what used to be the old Military Government of Cádiz. The Vasallo Museum exhibits 140 works and twenty original drawings donated by the family of this artist.

Reina Sofia Cultural Center The GarigoloOn the other hand, the Municipal Cultural Center “Reina Sofía” also hosts the legacy that the Aramburu Picardo Family has donated to the city of Cádiz. The collection is composed of some 86 works, including engravings, portraits, oil miniatures, country scenes, religious or folkloric paintings. The collection includes some 20 miniatures in oil, around 40 engravings, another twenty paintings of different sizes and some Roman amphoras.

There are guided tours by hostesses that explain all the equipment of the Center including the Museum Rooms of Cádiz-born sculptor Juan Luis Vassallo.

The Cultural Center Queen Sofía is only a 7 minute walk away from The Garigolo

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