What to do in Cadiz

Meson Cumbres Mayores The Garigolo Cadizbnb

Meson Cumbres Mayores

RAMECAR 99 S.L. started in the catering sector in the Bay of Cádiz in 1999 with the Mesón Restaurante Cumbres Mayores, this partnership is the result of the union of three partners and friends such as Isidoro Cardeno, Manuel Mera…

La Caleta Beach

La Caleta Beach Cadiz

La Caleta beach is located in the historic center of the city of Cádiz. It was a natural harbor where Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman ships anchored. It is the smallest beach in the city, and it’s isolated from the rest….

Reina Sofia Cultural Center

Reina Sofia Cultural Center Visit

Reina Sofia Cultural Center. Former Military Government. It houses the Vasallo Museum, the Hispano-American Royal Academy, the Gaditano Athenaeum, the Military Library, the Federico Joly Foundation, the Galván Stamping Workshop, the Municipal Culture Foundation and the exhibition-legacy of the Aramburu family….

Cadiz Museum The Garigolo

Cadiz Museum Visit

The origin of Cadiz Museum begins with the Confiscation of Mendizábal in 1835 and with the deposit in the Academy of Fine Arts of the city of a series of paintings from various exclaustrated convents. Among these works was the…

Cadiz Cathedral

Cadiz Cathedral Visit

Cadiz Cathedral “Santa Cruz on the sea” or “Santa Cruz on the waters” is also known by the people of Cadiz as the New Cathedral, as opposed to the Old one, built in the sixteenth century on the old Gothic…

Murano Glass Chandelier

Murano Glass Chandelier in Kitchen

Murano Glass Chandelier. The Garigolo includes a 15 square meter fully equipped kitchen; complete with microwave, refrigerator,  induction hob, coffee maker and washing machine. It is illuminated by a chandelier, made by my wife, decorated with Murano glass. It also has two…

Flamenco Tavern La Cava

Flamenco Tavern La Cava

Catering and Shows Flamenco tavern La Cava offers its customers two types of services: catering and entertainment. This is completely accommodated for restoration activities, also having a stage and a maximum capacity of between 60 and 70 people. Mawi performing the…

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