Spanish in Cadiz, Spanish in Cadiz

Spanish in Cadiz Escuela Internacional de Español

Spanish in Cadiz  is a school where learning Spanish is easier and more enjoyable. Their facilities include large, bright, air-conditioned classrooms. They also have Internet and e-mail room at the disposal of students – the whole school has a (Wi-Fi) access hot-spot so students can benefit from internet in and outside school, as well as a student lounge with television and reading area.

They strive to make your Spanish learning experience a pleasant one, and this includes not only our first rate staff but also the best possible facilities.

Everyone at Spanish in Cadiz is at your disposal to guide and resolve any questions that might arise. You’ll feel at home amongst them!

They offer various courses to learn Spanish in Cadiz so you can choose the course that suits you best: intensive courses, individual personalized classes, and courses for school groups. They also offer a wide variety of additional activities from culture to sport and leisure.

Why Cádiz

Cadiz is thought to be the oldest city in Western Europe still inhabited today and it’s history dates to long before the Roman Empire. It’s unique mix of award winning beaches, friendly local inhabitants and rich history make Cadiz a first class destination.


You know how important good accommodations is in order to have the best possible experience in Cadiz. The Garigolo offers a 5% discount to students who prove to be enrolled in Spanish in Cadiz language school.


Spanish in Cadiz Escuela Internacional de Español is less than a 30 minute walk from The Garigolo

Spanish in Cadiz Escuela Internacional de Español is less than 13 by Bus from The Garigolo

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