Santa Maria del Mar Beach

Santa Maria del Mar Beach Cadiz

Santa Maria del Mar Beach (Los Corrales and La Playita de las Mujeres) is located on the Costa de la Luz in the city of Cádiz, more specifically in the area outside the city walls. It is the continuation of Playa de la Victoria and extends from the cemetery, approximately, to the height of Puerta Tierra, where the jetty and the southern field begin.

The most typical part of this beach is located between the two breakwaters, where a large number of families are concentrated, especially on Sundays. It is also common to see bodysurfing on this beach, since good waves are produced here on rainy days.


From the Avenida Fernández Ladreda. The beach is confined between two breakwater jetties, one east and west, built to reduce erosion rates and improve stability.


Santa Maria del Mar BeachProtected from the east winds, surrounded by breakwaters to reduce its rate of erosion, stretches the beach of Santa Maria del Mar or also known as beach of Las Mujeres. A tall, sloping and walled slope separates the beach from the promenade and reduces access to both ends. With a strip of narrow sand, at high tide, users use the cemented part of the cliff or the protection of the remains of an old wall to continue enjoying the hours of sun.



  • Origin: Deposits of wind and marine origin sand. Stabilized by maritime works and sand contributions.
  • Length: 630 m
  • Composition of aggregates: Medium sand (0,5 mm- 1 mm)
  • Swimming conditions: Moderate waters.
  • Type of beach: Urban.
  • Degree of Stability and conservation: Regressive, this beach is subject to artificial contributions of sand periodically (every several years) due to the erosion phenomena to which it is subjected and in order to continue enjoying it in optimal conditions.
  • Highlight: Its morphology generates good conditions for surfing, which can only be practiced outside bathing hours or during low season.

Santa Maria del Mar Beach is less than half an hour walk from The Garigolo

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