Plaza del Mentidero

Plaza del Mentidero Cadiz

La Plaza del Mentidero (Liars Square) of triangular plant, slightly extended, is the axis of a district that began to be constructed in 1755 to complete the city between Plaza de San Antonio and the quarters of Carlos III.

According to the request of the founders of the Brotherhood of the Santísimo Christ of the Expiration, a humilladero was made, that later would be denominated Cross of the Truth. This name would lead to confusion, the unemployed would meet in this square to give news of all kinds, especially false, so it would soon be known as Plaza de la Cruz de las Mentiras, name from which derives its current name from Plaza del Mentidero.

The Plaza del Mentidero also was a prominent place during the promulgation of the Constitution of Cádiz, since in it took place the second public proclamation of the constitution on March 19, 1812.

Plaza del Mentidero is only a 7 minute walk from The Garigolo

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