Plaza de San Francisco

Plaza de San Francisco Cádiz Tapas

The Plaza de San Francisco is one of the busiest places in the old town of Cádiz. Starting point of one of the most popular streets in the city, with which it shares its name, this corner has a great hotel tradition.

The urbanization of this place revolves around the Church of San Francisco and the Convent of San Francisco of 1566. The current square corresponds to the old compass of the convent.

Brewery Le Parisien

The origin of the establishment seems to have been more than 100 years ago.

Apparently the name is because it functioned as a space annexed to the hotel in France and Paris, located in front and hence its name. The café became a mythical place in the city and was frequented even by intellectuals attracted by its interior aesthetics, with small tiles and showy ceilings, in addition to its terrace, one of the most attractive in the old town of Cádiz.

Museum of the Cortes of CadizThe new Parisien is now a very bright space, with a terrace with capacity for eighty people and the interior space, with two dining rooms, with capacity for another fifty, in addition to the bar. It has tried to take care of the details, with a special room to keep the beer in optimum condition. There are special chairs for children and the menu has been printed in several languages ​​because he is aware that one of the audiences that will attend is that of tourists, although he points out that the people of Cádiz “is very important for us as well. We try to have a quality and well-treated genre “.

For this the menu is traditional, with the tapas and rations of all life, because Pedro points out that it is the only kitchen he understands.

San Francisco UnoTraditional dishes and the menu is not lacking or the salad, nor the clams a la marinera, nor the Galician octopus, which is complemented by an extensive menu of fried foods, some seafood and grilled fish, with some meat dishes. You can eat at the bar and some tapas tables and then after rations or dishes in the dining room. The idea is that the establishment works throughout the day. Thus, they will serve churros in the morning and in the afternoon they will also function as a cafeteria. It is also possible to buy fried fish to go.

San Francisco Uno Restaurant

Enjoy our cuisine in the typical Plaza San Francisco

San Francisco Uno, is a restaurant suitable for breakfast, tapas, lunch or dinner. We will try, through our quality and service, to make you stop at one of the busiest and most beautiful places in the city.

Plaza de San Francisco is jus a minute walk from The Garigolo

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