Nicoletta Tomas Caravia

Nicoletta Exhibits Paintings and Engravings in Cádiz

The castle of Santa Catalina de Cádiz hosts this summer, until September 16, the exhibition of paintings and engravings by Nicoletta Tomas Caravia, ‘Nicoletta. A path with heart ‘, organized by the Department of Culture of the City.

Paintings with autumnal colors, that move to the world of dreams, impossible landscapes, space explorers, cities that we will only find if Morpheus allows it. Engravings that serve as the basis for her major works. Animals and men outside of natural contexts that will make the imagination fly.

An essential visit (free) for adults and mandatory for children if we want them to appreciate art.

“Painting has been growing inside me and I in it. We go hand in hand because it is an intimate language between my soul and I. I learn with it.I inhabit the realm of form to let deep feelings speak, mirrors from my world to the world, from the outside to the inside, and from the inside to the outside.The battlefield always within me and the imagination as a companion.
My pictorial motifs, the light of the human being,his fragility and his greatness.Sketches of the path that one travels with himself, with the Animal and Nature kingdom, in search of the answers to the great questions of the human being.
I am not so interested in an artwork for how it is executed, but for it’s ability to speak directly to your heart.”

Santa Catalina Castle is just a Short Walk from The Garigolo

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