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Meson Cumbres Mayores

Restaurante Cumbres MayoresRAMECAR 99 S.L. started in the catering sector in the Bay of Cádiz in 1999 with the Mesón Restaurante Cumbres Mayores, this partnership is the result of the union of three partners and friends such as Isidoro Cardeno, Manuel Mera and J. Jesús Ramos .

After analyzing the area where Zorrilla street is currently located, a place with more than 136 years of history where the first beers were made in Cádiz, we came to the conclusion that this area with well deserved fame in fish and seafood from the Bay is lacking in an ideal complement such as meat, cold meats and Iberian ham.

The demanding selection of the raw material which is part of our secret, is supplied by the company Hermanos Cardeno, located in the town of Cumbres Mayores (Huelva), in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park .

This is how the Mesón Restaurante Cumbres Mayores was born, which since its opening and thanks to our esteemed public has received several prizes such as the one in 2002 for the best hot tapa, Carrillada Ibérica, and the one in 2003 for the Master Tapeador granted to the establishment, adding a series of quality factors in service and kitchen, has strived to achieve full customer satisfaction, being recognized this year as the best establishment of the second edition of La Ruta del Tapeo 2003.

El Mesón Cumbres Mayores Restaurant offers you the rustic charm and the good work of its gastronomic customs, offering you a selection of hams and sausages of excellent quality, good wine and the right environment to enjoy the best we have in the mountains.

At the center of Cádiz, all the flavor of the Sierra de Huelva.

We recommend the Secreto Ibérico a la Brasa (Iberian Pork on the grill), served with roasted potatoes and seasoned tomatoes, and their delicious homemade cheese cake for dessert.

Their schedule is from 12:30 to 16:30 and from 20:00 to 23:30 h. They’re open every day of the week.

Mesón Cumbres Mayores is only 3 minutes away from The Garigolo

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