Marisquería San Francisco The Garigolo

Marisquería San Francisco Seafood & Brewery

Marisquería San Francisco The GarigoloMarisquería San Francisco is located in Plaza San Francisco n.3, Cadiz capital has all kinds of seafood cooked to eat on the terrace and home delivery service. Daily offers.

In the Spanish gastronomy it is frequent to find seafood in the communities of Galicia, Andalusia, Asturias and Cantabria, although it is not to despise other coastal areas such as: Valencia, Catalonia, Mallorca and Murcia. It is famous the phrase that mentions the months in which it must eat the seafood that are all those that contain the letter R, because the product is in optimal condition, with better texture, as well as color and flavor, being very typical the steam cooking with laurel and clove spices, seasoned with garlic, parsley and lemon, accompanied by white wine. In Spain there are several canning industries that deal with seafood, an example is the mussel from Galicia.

Marisquería San Francisco is only 1 minute away from the Garigolo

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