Colonial Alameda Coctel Bar The Garigolo Cadizbnb

La Colonial Alameda Cocktail Bar Cádiz

Colonial Alameda Coctel Bar The Garigolo CadizbnbLa Colonial Alameda Cocktail Bar offers you an endless variety of drinks for you to enjoy, alone or in company, your free time with all your senses.

La Colonial AlamedaThe Alameda Apodaca and the Marqués de Comillas is a landscaped promenade in the historic center of Cádiz, which runs parallel to the sea and the city wall from east to west that starts at the walls of San Carlos and ends between the Baluarte de la Candelaria and the church of Carmen. Its current regionalist style design was carried out between 1926 and 1927 by the architect Juan Talavera y Heredia, composed of flowerbeds with a wide vegetal ornamentation that have their central space in the monument to the Marquis of Comillas.


Admiral Juan José Ruiz de Apodaca and Eliza

The Alameda is included within the Gardens of Cultural Interest located in Cádiz that were included in the General Catalog of the Andalusian Historical Heritage in 2004.

The east part of the walk received its current name Alameda Apodaca in 1856, in honor of Admiral Juan José Ruiz de Apodaca and Eliza, while the west side is called Marqués de Comillas by Claudio López Bru, second Marques de Comillas.


La Colonial AlamedaThese lands were historically known from before the construction of the wall as Caletilla de Rota. The first walk, wider than the current one, was created in 1617. Between 1750 and 1754 a walk was built, consisting of three streets, divided by rows of trees. Towards 1836 the Paseo became a landscaped area, according to Manuel Bayo’s project directed by Juan de la Vega, which divided them into three parts: the high room, the lower room and in the middle a narrower area.

La Colonial AlamedaBetween 1926 and 1927, the regional style architect Juan Talavera y Heredia, who also acted on the Murillo Gardens in Seville, made a transformation of the mall, to turn it into a Sevillian-style garden according to the dominant aesthetic of the time of the Iberoamerican Exhibition.


  • Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 1300PM to 0200AM
  • Sunday, Monday & Wednesday from 1300PM to 2200PM


La Colonial Alameda Cóctel Bar is only 4 minutes away from The Garigolo

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