El Faro de Cadiz Restaurant

El Faro de Cadiz Restaurant

El Faro de Cadiz Restaurant was born in 1964 as a small tavern where a simple and local cuisine was prepared, fish from the bay in deep frying, seafood stews, a cuisine where only the sea marked the rhythms and what was cooked in their kitchen.

El Faro de Cadiz Restaurant

El Faro de Cadiz RestaurantFate wanted to choose the popular and well-known neighborhood of La Viña as our epicenter. A small corner of the world, witness of our family history and evolution, which sheltered by the Castles of Santa Catalina and San Sebastian and bathed by the waters of the beach of La Caleta has become our particular paradise.

Know How, Three generations and a family business.

After three generations we continue cooking with the same enthusiasm a root kitchen, which is born in the sea and is left to embrace with products of our environment. The best of our land for the enjoyment of our guests, a long conversation that lasts more than half a century.

The Team

El Faro de Cádiz is made up of a unique human team, restlessness and enthusiasm define its personality, virtues without which we would not have become a benchmark for good cuisine, quality and attention of our locality.

Self-taught professionals, highly qualified staff, with a lifetime of service to our house, new additions, working in our kitchens, maintenance, cleaning, management or services, all add up, combining the incalculable value of experience with innovation and evolution.

A team in constant learning with a single maxim, that the diner enjoy El Faro de Cádiz with all their senses.

The Bar of El Faro de Cádiz

A different proposal, standing, informal and casual, but without giving up an elegant and cozy space, you can enjoy a tasty letter with your own signature and a succulent selection of dishes and desserts from our restaurant.

La Barra is the hallmark of Restaurante El Faro de Cádiz and a must-see if you stroll through Cádiz.

Its experienced and agile service makes our bar the ideal place for lovers of the exquisite art of tapas and those who wish to taste a quality proposal and have less time to enjoy it.

El Faro de Cádiz Restaurant is just a 14 minute walk from The Garigolo

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