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Cafe Royalty Restaurant Cadiz

Cafe Royalty Restaurant is the only great historic romantic café preserved in Andalusia and possibly throughout Spain. Its rich paintings by renowned artists such as Felipe Abarzuza, its exquisite artisanal carpentry and original plaster covered with fine gold leaf, next to the furniture of the first decades of the 20th century, does not leave the visitor indifferent.

Cafe Royalty Cadiz the Garigolo CadizbnbCadiz entrepreneur Gómez Doreé opened its doors in 1912, celebrating the centenary of Las Cortes de Cádiz in 1812. Thanks to its sumptuous decoration, exquisite products, meticulous service and concerts every night, it quickly become the most visited cafe in the city. Literates, intellectuals, politicians, musicians and artists make the Café a space with a varied and unique atmosphere. It is visited by international figures as illustrious as the great composer from Cádiz, Manuel de Falla, who delighted the audience with his concerts.

Cafe Royalty Restaurant History

Cafe Royalty Cadiz the Garigolo Cadizbnb PLaza Candelaria In the 1930s, on the eve of the Spanish Civil War, Café Royalty decided to close its doors. In the postwar period of the forties, it become a warehouse and soon afterwards a bazaar, beginning its decadence and remaining in oblivion during the following seven decades.

Cafe Royalty Cadiz the Garigolo Cadizbnb Plaza CandelariaIn 2008, the Serna Martín family bought the establishment and decided to restore it. After meticulous research, he brought together a group of artists and restorers, who used the same techniques and materials that were used in the beginning of the 20th century. They carried out a long process of restoration, being always faithful to History and taking care to the most minute detail of the original decoration of 1912.

Cafe Royalty Cadiz the Garigolo Cadizbnb Plaza CandelariaRestaurant Café Royalty complements its varied offer as a quality restaurant with a gastrobar and tapas area. The tapas menu includes alternatives of cold and hot tapas, as well as appetizers, salads and sandwiches. The Royalty Café Restaurant is not only famous for its tapas, the Royalty breakfasts are included in the five best breakfasts in Spain by the prestigious magazine Condé Nast and their famous Brunch is already a brand of the house, unique in the city.

Completing the cafeteria offer, Royalty customers can taste their homemade cakes made by a select bakery. Their kitchen is open all day, providing the best service for their customers. Some attentions that are completed also with their delicious handmade ice creams and slush or with their varied offer of cocktails.

Restaurante Café Royalty is only a 7 minute walk from The Garigolo

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