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Cadiz Cathedral The Garigolo CadizbnbCadiz Cathedral “Santa Cruz on the sea” or “Santa Cruz on the waters” is also known by the people of Cadiz as the New Cathedral, as opposed to the Old one, built in the sixteenth century on the old Gothic cathedral commissioned by Alfonso X The Wise. The Gothic Cathedral lasted with some reforms made in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries until it was burned by the Anglo-Dutch squadron commanded by Admiral Howard and the Earl of Essex, who attacked, invaded and sacked Cádiz in 1596 until he abandoned it in the middle of July.

Cadiz Cathedral The Garigolo CadizbnbIt was necessary to build the current columnar church of Tuscan order and of Mannerist style, joint work of the military engineer Cristóbal de Rojas and of the main master of the bishopric Ginés Martín de Aranda, which was consecrated on June 15, 1,602. The seventeenth century brought the enrichment of the Cathedral of Santa Cruz with the main altarpiece of Alejandro de Saavedra, the chapels of the Genoese and the Biscayan, the chapel of the relics and pictures and images due to the patronage of the Bishop Fr. Alonso Vázquez de Toledo, and the lateral cover of Genoese marbles of Andreoli. Br. Gerónimo de la Concepción describes a cathedral endowed with a dignity in keeping with its status as the first temple of the diocese. But the population grew and the city reached a great prosperity with the commerce of the Indies in the second half of the mentioned century.

Time-Lapse from Cádiz Cathedral’s West Tower

Cadiz Cathedral The Garigolo CadizbnbThe transfer of the Casa de Contratación from Seville to Cádiz in 1717 was the reason for the great economic development of the city, for which the Cabildo began the construction of a Cathedral in accordance with the splendor of the city, since the existing one, which was ordered to be built by Alfonso X the Wise about 1263, was set on fire in 1596 and it was in very poor condition after several reconstructions.

Cadiz Cathedral The Garigolo CadizbnbThe works of Cadiz Cathedral began in 1722 according to the project of the architect Vicente Acero, who after having worked for five years in the Cathedral of Granada, lets see in it the influence of the previous one and that of Guadix. Vicente Acero resigns and in 1739 andGaspar Cayón takes charge of the works, passing it in 1757 to his nephew Torcuato Cayón. After his death in 1783, Miguel Olivares succeeded him until 1790, when Manuel Machuca directs the works. Finally, from 1832 to 1838, when the works are finished, they are directed by Juan Daura.

Cadiz Cathedral The Garigolo CadizbnbIn all this time 116 years have passed, through which you can see the change of style and the tastes of the different architects. Cadiz cathedral begins in the Baroque style, as its ground plan and interior to the Rococo frieze and is finished in neoclassical style, in its façade, towers, domes and the second body of the interior, as well as most of the altarpieces and the main altar .

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Cádiz Cathedral is just a 10 minutes walk from The Garigolo


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